AFS Concept Mock Up

Redesign and implementation of the AFSI site to facilitate navigation and reduce the number of steps and clicks between each page.
The design included colors from the AFS' color palette, simple-designed icons and corresponding imagery.
In terms of functionality, the search was facilitated by implementing a search menu to find brands, solutions or industries in relation with the search words. Additionally, a database system (with tags) was used to match each item with similar ones (in terms of solutions or industries).

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Hunt Vanner

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Keysight Technologies

To ensure that new employees join Keysight with a strong understanding of the company's history, company philosophy, business practices, and core products, T-Mark developed a web-based "on-boarding" site for new hires.

The navigation is a unique us of the four outside edges of the page so the user slides over and up to the next page.

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T-Mark Who We Are Page

We are our people and our people are T-Mark. To illustrate not only who is on our team, we developed unique icons of all staff that appear in our Who We Are page also demonstrate our artistic side. These icons have begun to show up on our staff's own Facebook pages and Skype screens carrying the T-Mark look beyond just our website.

Rolls-Royce Innovation Exchange

Scope Of Development: T-Mark built the site using the Django framework. Branded and designed the online presence to seek innovative ideas and creative responses from selected participants to find solutions to Rolls-Royce Challenges. The dual-language website is designed to relay information to potential and current participants on Terms and Conditions.

Develop a secure, invitation-only website for distributing and uploading of Challenge documents creating an easy file-sharing portal.
Creation of a Join-RR Challenges section allowing participants to view and download mission Challenges.
Custom Content Managing System (CMS) to download Challenges and upload Challenge responses. Documents thumbnails are automatically created in the gallery list.

Challenge: To quickly develop a secure site which provides engineering and parts manufacturers in Japan with the ability to submit new technologies directly to the Rolls Royce research and development team. The objective was to find new companies with innovative technologies to solve a set of challenges.

Solution: The development of secure site with an approval process to allow only companies with acceptable credentials to become a participant in the program. Upon acceptance, participating companies were provided with a set of challenges - If participants chose to submit a technology, they would use an upload area, it handles multiple file formats and provides a administration area for review and commenting.

Soteria IT

Produced new brand imagery and web site for a leading regional IT and outsourced services company.

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SPHER Software Motion Graphic

To illustrate the value the SPHER pattern recognition software system, T-Mark created a two-minute motion graphic with a narrative to highlight system's key attributes.

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Handbag Designer 101

To improve user experience and the overall appearance of their planned site relaunch, Handbag Designer 101 came to T-Mark to ensure that the site would have strong appeal to users and be accessible across devices and screen sizes.

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C. Barnes Construction

Create a website utilizing dynamic overlay to illustrate the beauty of the interiors and allows the user to read about the section without having to click to another page. User can proceed to the page by clicking on the photo. The blue overlay slides up the user’s cursor hovers over the photo.

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Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

Challenge: To create a new look for the entire LinkedIn profile for the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

Solution: We created appealing banners for the home tab and service tabs(3).

We created new customized thumbnails for each of their content section for the service tab. On the third banner area under this tab, we linked the social media platform of BNMC ; so when the user clicks on the banner it takes him directly to its Twitter platform.

We also created show case pages for each content section under the Service tab with attractive banners.

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Greco Real Estate

Challenge: To redesign the appearance of the Greco Real Estate Microsite.

Solution: We created attractive banners for the each content section to give the microsite a fresh and crisp look. We took the old content and placed it strategically across the site so that the users get access to the exact information they are looking for in each content piece. We also integrated social media widgets as call to action on the microsite so that the users can get exposure to the social media marketing platforms that Greco Real Estate uses.

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A unique technology for subway tunnel advertising, T-Mark developed a two-pronged marketing strategy to grab the interest of the MTA and CBS Outdoor combing our eDM skills with a specialized website to illustrate the system's capabilities and value opportunities.

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Illuminare Group

Develop a new online presence and branding for a leadership coaching team company. Web site is fully responsive and content was tailored to the devices to create the best user experience.

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Vnyette Motion Graphic Video

T-Mark created a motion graphic video to inform prospective and existing clients to illustrate the concepts and value of the Vnyette presentation platform system. The addition of a voice over provides a fully contained marketing sales solution in a single deliverable.

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Challenge: To design and build a website promoting TerraSky as Japan’s No.1 AppExchange Application Partner Company. Main challenge of the development was to create an attractive website the ‘SkyOnDemand’ product to both Japanese and US markets. The key component was to promote customizability of TerraSky products.

Solution: Design with a large color-screen to be visually appealing and impactful to the customer
Call-To-Action icons were customized with the use of Japanese imagery to integrate and indicate TerraSky’s cultural origin
Modification of the existing layout for a simpler and neater user experience

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Rotary Club Buffalo

Challenge: To revamp the entire microsite to give it a new look.

Solution: We redesigned the entire microsite with attractive visual collaterals. The homepage is interactive with carousel and we also included a list in the backend that pulls in the data and reflects in the front end. We have also integrated social media widgets on the website so that the users can get exposure to the social media marketing platforms that are used by the Buffalo Rotary Club.

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Illuminare Group LinkedIn

Challenge: To revamp the LinkedIn account of Illuminare group.

Solution: We designed new banners and thumbnails for the home tab and service tabs (3). We chose the colors carefully so it suits the brand and it looks visually appealing to the users who visit this company`s LinkedIn account. We tried to make the banners attractive so that they catch the attention of the consumers thus increasing the metrics of the social media page of this company.

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